This is Robert Putt and you have arrived at my Guitar Lessons home page. I am now operating the studio from another website. You can still register here for lessons or visit my other site and register. The new web address is https://www.guitarsonmain.com

Thank you!!

~Robert Putt






My son and I both are students of Bob Putt.

My son has been taking lessons from Bob for about 6 months on a weekly basis and I take them every other week.

From the first lesson I have seen a great improvement in my sons performance and his attitude towards learning to play. Bob takes the time to make sure my son understands what he is being shown and tailors the practice assignments to his level allowing him to learn and improve at a rate that does not frustrate or bore him.

I would highly recommend Bob as a teacher. As a parent of a student and a student as well, I have had nothing other than a positive experience in the time we have been students of  Bobs.

Thank you,

Jason Pantaleo


To Prospective Students Mother,

 I would like you to know that I have known Mr. Bob Putt for 1 1/2 years. I have found him to be an exceptional teacher in guitar and a great human being. Feel assured to know that your child will get a tremendous musical education. My abilities and knowledge with the guitar  have improved greatly. I am sure that he will do the same for your child. 

I know that your concern for the well being of your child is of the utmost importance. As a retired New York City Firefighter, I understand about the safety of loved ones, and the part that plays in our lives. Rest assured that your child will be getting the best musical education, in a safe and nurturing environment with a great person.


 Richard J. Torrellas

F.D.N.Y. bdg # 2346



As a student of Bob Putt"s I would mention first that he is a very nice person.

As a guitar instructor he is very knowledgeable not only in theory,but in techniques and styles.

He is also very accomodating to a student's needs and wishes as to what the student might want to learn.

I would highly recommend Bob as a guitar instructor.



Tom Alexander



My daughter, Kristi Pfister, has been taking lessons from Robert Putt Studios for almost a year. She has learned a lot and is having a lot of fun doing so. He works very well with her and is very patient. He talks with her about different forms of music. I have recommened Bob in the past and will continue to do so if I know of someone looking to take lessons.



Dottie Pfister



 "Bob is an extremely effective teacher. The way he has developed my daughters musicality in just a few short weeks of her starting classes is amazing. His greatest asset is not only his level of expertise but his ability to engage my daughter in the lessons/instructional time and to inspire her to practice more. He is transforming her from a ear learned natural talent to a well balanced student versed in theory, timing and technique. I can't wait to see the progression after year one!!!" 


Elizabeth Murphy 



Being an older student, I see qualities in Bob that make for a very good teacher. Patience, knowledge and professionalism are some of the traits he practices. It doesn’t take long to see how he brings out the best in a student.   


Mike Lare



After making a lot of noise for my neighbors, with a guitar and amp I bought a few years before, I decided that I would try to learn how to play. If only for my neighbors' sake. Bob has been a great guitar teacher. We work at my pace, and we work around the kinds of music I love. His studio is a warm and inviting place, and Bob's experience as a musician and as a teacher make him very easy for me to work with. Over the months, I've watched him work with other students, from teenagers to adults like me, and he brings the same patient guidance to them. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Bob Putt to anyone wanting to learn how to play the guitar. 
Jeff Hoogeveen
My guitar playing has dwindled over the past couple of years as I had hit a wall and had a hard time finding the right focus areas to improve. Bob has done a great job of selecting lessons and focus areas to bring my guitar playing to the next level, and greatly increase my motivation to continue playing. I would definitely recommend Bob for guitar students from beginner to advanced level.
Micheal Shea  


 I being a brief student of Robert Putt studio"s can say that Bob gave me a huge boost to my sloppy playing from scales to chords and I'd like to say thanks Putt .... I practice just about everyday for at least 20 minutes at a time .... And playing better each time !!!


Mark Schlutker